While scribing

Happens that Oliver Stone is supposed to give a speech at World Business Innovation Forum (WOBI) this afternoon.
We of Ars et Inventio are there. We can not miss a chance like this. After two beautiful days scribing and making contacts with people interested in innovation, we want more. We want the gran finale.
While preparing the last panel, I decide to draw a caricature of the famous director of classics like Wall Street, Born the fourth of July, JFK and Any Given Sunday.
Suddenly, a voice behind me says: “Hey, that’s me!”
I turn and say: “Hey, you came too early…!”
One hour later, after his speech, comes back. We ask him for an autograph over my drawing. When he does it, I ask him: “Do you like it?” and he answers: “Yes, but I am more handsome!”
Great director and a funny guy. Thanks for all your work, Mr Stone.

foto (2)


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