ShowMe 2013


This is my ShowMe 2013.

A ShowMe is more than a Showreel: it is like an electronic business card.


1- Switch on the speakers

2- Clic on THIS IS ME

3- Enjoy.

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“Ho ucciso Napoleone” main title sequence

Here you can watch the opening sequence I created for “Ho ucciso Napoleone”, a black comedy by Giorgia Farina.

The sequence was created in full motion graphics, based on vector illustrations made on Illustrator.

Agency: Internozero
Art Director: Riccardo Fidenzi, Maurizio Ruben
Film Production: Angelo Barbagallo

How to Start a Career in Visual Effects

In this video, Sheldon Stopsack, MPC’s CG Supervisor ( Terminator: Genisys, just to mention one film) talks about how to start a career in VFX industry.

Very interesting his concept of the Process as something that starts with sketches, drawings and ideas  many many years before you should open Maya or Nuke 🙂

A new home for innovation

Ars et Inventio has a new home.
It is a place where innovation is everywhere. There are famous quotes printed on the walls. There are faces of famous people whose lives has been pages of the innovation’s great book. There are two Coelux windows on the ceiling with their stunning artificial sunlight effect.
And, last but not least, there are people. These people are Ars et Inventio. They believe that innovation is a matter of method, that creativity can solve problems and they trust that people who work in your Company are your resource #1.
Ars et Inventio has a new home in the heart of Milan.
This home is SPIN.
In this place, workshops find a new dimension of tranquillity and sustainability. New ideas come naturally, as well as new projects of innovation for your Company.

In the pictures you can see some moments of yesterday night’s inauguration party. Guess who’s scribing along the 33 feet paperboard?






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